Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Time to Rise Blog Tour!

So my current favorite series of all time right now is the Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes.

You can imagine my excitement when I somehow, amazingly, incredibly got selected for the blog tour to help promote the last book in the series. Which would include getting a free copy of the book in advance.


ANYWAY, I absolutely loved the book and I'm just so happy that I got to be a part of the blog tour!!!!


If you have read the series, here's the link to pre-order Rise (and get awesome swag!)

Haven't read the series yet/want to find out what it's all about?

Find A Time to Die here, A Time to Speak here

Find the author's website here

Here's my review!

THIS IS IT. The last book. NOOO!!!!! 

HOW DID THE AUTHOR DO IT?!!! My mind is blown.

So many plotlines—I had no clue how they would all come together…but they did, and spectacularly, at that.

PARVIN IS AMAZING. I love her so much. She’s like a role model, and quite honestly, one of the best characters I’ve ever read. She seriously needs to be in real life. Being fictional is only a small setback, right? She can overcome that, right? With enough of our support? I want to meet her!! 
In all seriousness, she was amazing. I loved the growth I saw in her. She’s so humble, caring and determined; she’s so easy to relate to and in so many ways I want to be like her. Her faith in God is so, so, so incredible and inspiring. Is it weird to be inspired by a fictional character? I say no, because it’s Parvin Blackwater!

Solomon: Last book my one downside was I didn’t “get” this romance, but this time around, it took off in a sweet, clean, and adorable way. I absolutely loved it. Yes. Yes. One thousand times yes. Parvin and Solomon are awesome together. Just—for goodness’ sakes Parvin, quit constantly thinking of/remembering Jude! You know you’re in love with Solomon, so let it go! I think I mostly liked Solomon because he’s so legit. There’s nothing unsure or shaky about his character; he’s such a solid and dependable guy for Parvin. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about him. He's a fantastic guy and a strong male lead for this series; instead of writing him in as a side character primarily to serve as a romantic interest to Parvin, like so many YA novels do with guy characters, it rather feels like two main characters who happen to fall in love, which I think is always the more realistic way to do it. 

I loved the way the side characters had their turn in the spotlight—Frenchie and Kaphtor were hilarious, especially Kaphtor’s name: say it aloud—captor, as in he took them prisoner? He was their captor? But then he turned out to not be their captor and to be on their side? Nice irony. Very nice.:)

SPOILER (highlight to read)
 ERFINDER HAWKE IS EVIL. I hate him! How is he related to Solomon and Jude?! I don’t get it.   I also dislike the way Solomon constantly thought himself outside the family because he was adopted.

The descriptions as usual are amazing, enthralling and grab ahold of you, allowing you to feel the emotion that is coursing through the words of this narration. Parvin’s realizations, her faith, and her beliefs portray positive truths without being cheesy; the God aspect is worked in as a part of the plot—the plotline wouldn’t survive without it.

I love how God found such a strong way into this book. I love it so much.

Fantastic job, Nadine Brandes. All the subplots tied together perfectly--and THE ENDING. The ending was so exactly right and made perfect sense. It fit perfectly with the themes of the series and brought everything together. I love the way this was done because in some way it’s very similiar to all the other dystopian book series going around-so it feels familiar, but at the same time it’s completely, entirely different. Very cleverly done.

And now that Time to Rise is over…it’s Time to Reread the entire series! 

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Aww, I love this review! <3 Also, I'm a little squealy that you noticed that play on Kaphtor's name.

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for commenting!!!!!! :D :D :D