Monday, September 12, 2016

Blog Tour: The Lady of the Vineyard by Kellyn Roth


Today it's young author Kellyn Roth's newest release, The Lady of the Vineyard. I had the honor of receiving a free copy of this book pre-release in exchange for a review, and I loved it so much!

Here's my review! Thanks so much for letting me read and review it Kellyn! :)

Title: The Lady of the Vineyard Author: Kellyn Roth

My Rating: ★★☆

My Review:

Enthralling, well designed, and elegantly presented, The Lady of the Vineyard was a short but sweet novella. It was an engaging yet fun read. The characters, from bitter and rebellious Adele to sweet and innocent Judy to mysterious Troy, were all uniquely patterned and cleverly developed. 

I really liked the twists and turns and thought they were well done. SPOILER: (highlight to read) I did find Adele’s turn back to Troy very predictable, but it was done nicely; it seemed practical and realistic. 

As a whole it was particularly predictable, but that didn’t restrain my enjoyment of the story. I love how the author has her main characters as younger children in general—they’re always done so perfectly and Judy is no exception; I loved her. Adele’s character was the only one I had my reservations on, simply because her main character change was rather predictable and just a bit cheesy. But I did enjoy it nonetheless!

The storyline was captivating, unique, and sweet all at once. There were strong romantic threads while still retaining a youthful and fun feel. The turns of the story felt natural and the ending brought everything together. I was only a little disappointed in the epilogue; it was a little confusing at first and jumped ahead a lot.

Really, though, it was wholeheartedly a good read! I highly recommend it!

received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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