Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Book Review: Silly Feeling by Willowy Whisper

Title: Silly Feeling
Author: Willowy Whisper
Published by: Amazon

My Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭


Church camp is one week. Five days. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing. She's just being silly... 
But Hannah can't rid the feeling, and as the week unfolds, she wonders if perhaps it's not such a silly feeling after all.

My Review:

Silly Feeling by Willowy Whisper was a fantastic, quick read! It was extremely well written, full of amazing characters, rich descriptions, and lots of suspense. From the beginning of the story, there was an element of unease, though it would be impossible to predict the story’s outcome from that feeling. Everything was done realistically, and tied together beautifully. The way this book was done was just so amazing. I loved every word of it and every character. 

Characters: Hannah’s character was easy to love and easy to connect to. The way she was done made you wonder, but not necessarily worry, about the upcoming story. Despite the shortness of this story, there was plenty of time to connect with the characters and get to know their fears, struggles, and strengths; I couldn’t help cheering for all of them. I’ll leave out any spoilers, but the climax was crazy (in a good way) and it all tied up perfectly, enough said to feel completed, but not too long to feel dragged out.

Way to go, Willowy Whisper! :) 5.0 stars!!

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