Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Review: Rules by Cynthia Lord

Title: Rules
Author: Cynthia Lord
Published by: Scholastic Press (2006)

My Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

This was an incredible book! 

Characters: The characters were so vivid; they were described so well you feel like you know them personally. You love them; you laugh with them, you cry with them. You relate and sympathize with Catherine, and you smile at David, and then you smile bigger when Jason comes into the scene. Personally, Jason was my favorite character. He was written so well; that beyond his disorder you see him as a normal kid, reminding me of Melody from Out of My Mind (Sharon Draper). I loved his hidden personality, his ambition, his friendship with Catherine. The author did an great job writing him.

And David. David was written very well too. This book truly captured the reality of autism and the other disorders, to the point where I came off this book knowing more than I did before. David as a character was realistic and loveable. Even though we see him through Catherine’s eyes and her perspective that he is rather annoying, you still love him.

Catherine’s character was probably the best done of them all. We see the world through her eyes; her emotions and feelings are one hundred percent realistic and believable, and at the same time we love her for her kind spirit and her good heart; that even when she thinks things that aren’t the nicest, we know she doesn’t truly mean it and it isn’t who she is—it’s just her way of trying to express her complicated emotions.

Other Positives:The author just did an amazing job with this book. Even though there’s no true plotline and no action, this book was written beautifully—just capturing a few weeks in the mind of a girl like Catherine. This was one of those books that ended too soon…I just wanted to keep reading about David and Catherine and Jason forever. I love, love, LOVED Rules and would recommend it to anyone and everyone! 

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