Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book Review: Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker

Title: Chasing Jupiter
Author: Rachel Coker
Published by: Zondervan (2012)

My rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker was one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read in my life. Simply incredible, this book will touch you and stay with you forever. I can not even begin to describe the beauty of this novel.

Characters: This book is an amazing work of art. The characters, simply put, were alive. They lived and breathed right next to me as I read, speaking to me as they told me their story, relayed to me the events and the scenes. The story was incredible beyond words; the scenes just beautifully painted as the characters traipse through.

Scarlett Blaine, the main character of this novel, has some hard issues in life. Her brother, Cliff, has problems and is just…stranger than most boys his age. Her grandpa, who lives with her, is pretty much going insane, and her big sister Juli is never around, always off with another boyfriend. Her parents can’t seem to stop fighting about money. And she hasn’t had a real friend in forever. She also can’t get a grip on exactly what God is, or if He exists. But when everything suddenly goes wrong in her already-haywire life, she has to face truth and reality and has to chose if she wants God apart of it.

This book was amazing. Incredible. Magnificent. 

Plot/Characters: The plot between her and the pastor’s wife, Mrs. Greene, is a fun addition and is the way she learns of Christ. I felt a strong Christian aspect in this storyline, and it was written in wonderfully, reminding me a bit of Nicole O’Dell’s style. While I did feel like a few of the messages communicated may not have been 100% accurate, the theme overall was positive and wholesome.

Going back to the characters and once again I am speechless. I love, love, loved Cliff and the development between him and Scarlett. The author did such a fantastical job of creating his character, in a way that beyond his faults, his problems, his issues, we all love him for his little-kid sweetness (reminding me of Matty in the Giver quartet). Scarlett was such a great character, written realistically, that she seems easily relate to. She’s smart, so (most of the time) we’re not yelling at her for doing something dumb and generally just cheering her on for her good heart and great ideas to help others.

The romance between Frank and Scarlett was easy to encourage. For the first time, I’d say that it was a good addition to the plotline from the perspective of Scarlett, who needs something good in her life. Normally, I would prefer if she just had a friend—one that was a girl—but in this case, Scarlett as a character was older and very mature for her age. I think it fit in perfectly with the rest of the novel.

Ending: And…the ending…the ending…the ending. Breathtakingly sad, but amazing…but really sad. Truly heartbreaking. But really really good at the same time. Astonishing. The author did just an incredible job—and that’s all I can say about it.

Anyways, incredible, phenomenal book. You will never regret reading this. Ever. 10 STARS (five just does not do justice) !!!!

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