Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fun Activity: Personalized Apples to Apples!

Fun Activity:
Make your own personalized Apples to Apples game!
This was really, really fun. This is the site I used. You can put in your own titles and descriptions for free.

I had so much fun! We put in names of friends and family and all sorts of fun stuff. We did use the original Apples to Apples green cards, but the site also provides an option to make your own. It does take some amount of time, but it’s all worth it. What I did was after making each card, I dragged the image out. When I had a page of images, I had to scale them to size and then print them (I used cardstock.) Then of course all the cutting out. 

This version of the game resulted in lots of laughter with all the funny combinations! Of course, it makes it more fun for me to have these cards:

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