Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Childcare Idea: Spy Games for All Ages!

At my parents’ smallgroup (which I do childcare for) I try to come up with fun themes for each night, and this recent week, we came up with Spy Night! The kids absolutely LOVED it—as did I, watching them! This did take some preparation, but it was all worth it once the kids arrived.

—Make an obstacle course! Every spy needs to know how to manuever through a fun (and safe) course. You don’t need any special tools or items—all we used was duct tape, plastic tablecloths, tables, and Ikea play tunnels. 

We had the kids go through tunnels first. The lines of duct tape were “lasers” the kids had to get through without touching. The kids stepped on stepping domes to get to the final part of the course, a maze we made with the tablecloths. This was actually quite easy. All we did was tape plastic tablecloths to the bottom of a table to create a maze underneath it. The kids went crazy over it, and fortunately it didn’t totally break (probably thanks to all the duct tape we used, LOL.) 

—Get the Hat. This was a fun game all the kids loved. My brother put his hat on a chair and sat facing the opposite way. One at a time, the kids had to sneak up, take the hat, and get back to the starting point without my brother hearing them. If he heard anything, he’d whip his head around and that child would be out. (We let all the kids go twice, however.) This was a big hit—everyone liked sneaking up on my brother and it was fun to see all the techniques they tried.

—Spy Missions. In my case, we took them to “spy” on their parents, but this is not an option for everyone (LOL). What I’d suggest for this is, have them study “investigate” a certain room or object, then take them away/remove the object and ask them questions about it to test their memory.

In the end, I awarded them all with personalized stickers I made with sticker paper I happened to find.

Have fun ;)

The "lasers"

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