Monday, November 3, 2014

Childcare Idea: Minute to Win It Ideas

Minute-to-Win It are great time-fillers and fun activities for kids of all ages. I recently started doing these at my parents’ smallgroup (which I do childcare for) and it has been a hit! These have been the favorites so far.

Defying Gravity. Blow up a few balloons and instruct kids to use hands, feet, head, etc to keep one balloon in the air for a whole minute.
 (For older kids, you can have them keep 2 or 3 balloons up at a time.)

Goldfish Spoon Race! Place goldfish in one bowl on a table. Place an empty bowl a few feet away (you can change distance depending on the child’s age). Give each child a spoon. On “Go!” they must put the spoon in their mouth and try to get as many goldfish, using the spoon, from one bowl to the other. 

M&M Straw Game. This activity works just as well with Smarties candy. LIke with the Goldfish spoon race, put M&Ms in one bowl and place an empty bowl a few feet away. Each child must suck in the straw, attaching the M&M to the bottom. They must then bring the M&M, still on the straw, to the opposite bowl. The child who can get the most M&Ms in a minute is the winner. (NOTE: For under 5-year-olds I recommend placing the two bowls side-by-side instead.)

HAVE FUN!!! Also I will note that these are easily changable for the age group. For example, if they are three- and four-year-olds, you could shorten it to only 30 seconds.

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