Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Childcare Idea: Painting the Wall

I babysit for my parents’ small group on Sunday nights by doing childcare for up to 12 kids, so I’m always trying to find new ideas for activities and games for them. I watch them in the basement, which is full of boring white cement walls. After some thought we decided to let them actually paint one of the walls!

It was simple. Beforehand, I used duct tape to create shapes all over the wall. When the kids were here, we rotated groups of 4 to paint inside the shapes. The best way to let them access the paint is to put the palettes of paint on a garbage bag on the floor. This is the method I used.

And it worked! It was fun to see the creativity and ideas they came up with, and the kids absolutely loved it! I’ve included before-and-after pictures below. (I waited overnight and then peeled the tape off and it turned out awesome!) Before they left, I had them all write their names on the wall. It was a blast and is a fun way to not only keep kids busy and add color to an otherwise boring basement.


and after

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