Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Book Review: In Between by Jenny B. Jones

Title: In Between (Katie Parker Productions #1)
Author: Jenny B. Jones

My Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭

I loved everything about In Between by Jenny B. Jones! The characters, the set, the plotline—everything! There was just enough twists, turns, and mystery to keep me wondering, but the characters were enough to make me want to finish it. It was a true story of a girl adapting to a new home. I greatly look forward to reading the second.

Characters: Katie is a hysterical main charater. She’s always got another [sassy] comment, another idea, another opinion of the world. I laughed out loud several times thanks to Katie’s witty remarks. While her backdrop paints a picture of more criminal activity, Katie knows right from wrong and after an incident at the theatre, she is more than determined to be a good kid. For example, at first she’s totally opposed to “perfect girl” Frances Vega, but soon, that changes when she realizes her crazy friends are no-good and out for trouble.
Full of questions and out for adventure, I loved Katie. All together, Katie’s life is nothing but ordinary.

“Mad” Maxine, Katie’s “evil” foster grandma, was another character altogether. She had me laughing at times and grimacing at others. Katie, very, very wary of the woman, was certain she was pure evil, but to me, she mostly seemed plain out crazy. The story is told from Katie’s point of view, and since Katie is convinced Maxine is wicked, that’s how the story comes out—creative writing in my opinion. Overall I found Maxine a fun addition to the story. I found interest in seeing the shenanigans Maxine came up with, and Katie’s reactions to her foster grandma’s crazy ideas.

James and Millie Scott, Katie’s foster parents, are painted wonderfully. They play the role of the encouraging parents while still worrying for Katie and her safety. James, a pastor at the church, aids Katie in her search for faith and for God. Pretty early on we learn of Amy, the Scotts’ daughter, who, for some reason, doesn’t live with them anymore—or anywhere around. Whenever she is brought up, there is tension and silence in the house, providing another occasion for Katie to wonder on. The story was very intriguing in that matter.

Frances Vega: what an interesting person, right? At first, Katie is annoyed by her “perfect girl” act, but as she comes to know her, she realizes Frances is actually fit to be a pretty good friend. And after dinner with her, she discovers Frances does have certain elements to her life that aren’t exactly “perfect.” I liked Frances’s character and enjoyed seeing how it worked out between her and Katie.

Overall, this was a stunning book. Beautiful writing, incredible character depth, and an intriguing storyline. You won’t be disappointed!

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