Thursday, September 25, 2014

Book Review: Below by Meg McKinlay

Title: Below
Author: Meg McKinlay
Published by: Candlewick Press (2013) 

My Rating: ✭✭✭✩✩

Fun-filled and mystery-loaded, Below by Meg McKinlay was a interesting read. The summary and back cover were really intriguing, and the book definitely lived up to my expectations. 

Synopsis: Cassie Romano’s town was purposely drowned the day she was born, and now she lives in the new version of the town. Still, she’s interested with the manmade lake that once was her town, so she and a classmate, Liam, explore it when they can. When they start discovering objects in the lake, suddenly mysteries appear—the question is, can they figure them out?

I enjoyed it; the one thing is, it was very vague and sometimes it takes a long time to find out something Cassie discovered pages ago. However, all the mysteries are answered in the end—It just takes a bit of patience, to wait for the answers until the few last chapters!

A good read, overall. The writing was acceptable and I liked the author’s style. It wasn’t anything amazing, but was still enjoyable and entertaining. 3.5 stars.


  1. What a terrific book blog! You really have a way with words, and your reviews are thoughtful and interesting. Keep up the good work!